Octopus Energy

We believe energy should be better. A better experience for you through transparency, honesty and simplicity. Better for the planet, through real long term investment in renewable generation and a low CO2 future.
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Love Nature

With a treasure trove of nature documentaries, Love Nature is a subscription video streaming app, with family-friendly stunning 4K HD nature series and documentaries on demand. A percentage of every subscription is donated to charity partners around the world. Together we can make a difference.
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Interface, a leading manufacturer of commercial modular flooring, was one of the first companies to publicly commit to sustainability in the mid-nineties with ‘Mission Zero®’. This goal - to eliminate its environmental impact by 2020 - influences every aspect of the business.
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The online hub for all things green – from news and features to competition giveaways and Hero products. Good stuff. Share it.
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The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is an independent company with a mission to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.
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Tideford Organics

Last year Tideford Organics launched the UK’s first organic range of vegan soups, broths and sauces – and now the Devon company's supporting the wider shift to plant-based lifestyles by sponsoring our Vegan category.
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In harmony with nature and the human being. What started in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with its own medicinal plant garden, is today a world-leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics as well as pharmaceuticals for anthroposophical therapy.
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Wyke Farms

Wyke Farms is a 150-year-old family owned Somerset cheese maker and producer of renewable energy. We wish to make the finest quality cheddar in a way that has minimal impact on the Somerset environment and create a truly symbiotic relationship with the countryside that provides our food, our income and our home. We believe that it should be the ambition of every business to create a net positive impact on the environment and community through its operations.
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Yeo Valley

Yeoganic is Yeo Valley's way of being organic and a little bit more. The family farm goes the extra country mile to look after its land, animals and people. Someone once said that the top six inches of soil supports all life on land. That makes Yeo Valley think that we really need to look after it.
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The Green Party

We believe the politics of the future doesn’t have to look like the politics of the past - something that’s represented not only through our policies but in the way they are developed. We aim to create a just, equitable and sustainable society. We focus our efforts primarily, though not exclusively, through the electoral system.
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Bison Beer

We're a small bottleshop based a stone’s throw from Brighton beach stocking a wide range of beer from around the world. We are local, independent and proud to be a part of what we think is the best city in the country.
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Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme is an independent London based footwear brand for men and women making state of the art luxury shoes completely free from animal-derived materials.
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Juniper Gin

Juniper Green Organic Gin is distilled at Thames Distillery near Clapham in Central London. Thames is now the only Gin Distillery which both distills and bottles gin in London. Juniper Green is truly a London Dry Gin.
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Luscombe Drinks

Based on a farm in deepest Devon, all Luscombe drinks are finely crafted, using only the best ingredients. For Gabriel David, chairman and founder, it’s all about the taste, the ethos is simple – to be genuine, to make great tasting soft drinks, of the highest quality, without compromise.
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Oxford green printing company Seacourt is a world-renowned sustainable, triple Queens Award winner using waterless printing technology.
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