P.E.A. Awards 2019: Winners Announced

P.E.A. Award 2019 winners announced at immersive green-carpet ceremony that invited guests to become ‘Agents of Change’

Last night (13 November), following an immersive show curated by Enlightenment Café, the winners of 2019’s P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards, in association with Octopus Energy, were announced.

The winners – in sectors ranging from the Arts to Money – are the individuals and teams pioneering change, whether at home, at work or in their spare time. They are exploring, researching and implementing alternatives to business as usual in their chosen fields.

Through their own passion and dedication, P.E.A. Award winners are venturing where governments and big business fear to tread, forging a blueprint for what conscious businesses and lifestyles of the future could look like.

The climate emergency is now attracting mainstream and global attention, with more people than ever looking for ways to live a more conscious lifestyle. Their transition will be smoother due to the heroic efforts and determination of individuals who have spent years trying, testing and perfecting the alternatives many are looking for today.

P.E.A. Award winners come from all areas of the UK; they have different backgrounds, beliefs and and approaches. But they all share one thing in common: they are united by the conviction that tangible and effective alternatives exist that have the power to save the world.

‘How is that we have lost our connection with Nature when everything we are, eat, wear, live and work in is made from Nature… everything!

‘Tonight we celebrated the heroes who work and live in a way that respects Nature. Indigenous peoples are reminding us that if we acknowledged our connection with Nature in our daily activities and lives, that would be a start.

‘Better still, if we thanked Nature all day long for giving us life, then it may respond in a different way; co-creation and unity mean working with Nature and each other. When Eisenstein said ‘We cannot fix a problem with the same thinking the caused it’, it gave us a clue to how we might resolve the biggest issue of our time.

‘Nature is here to serve: a little praise and acknowledgement would go a long way!’

P.E.A. Awards founder and Co-founder of My Green Pod


In the run-up to the awards ceremony, the production team spent three weeks working silently behind the scenes; an electric Renualt Master was used to collect pieces of set that had been exclusively designed for the show and awards.

Central to the night was an immersive production by multi-award winning theatre company Enlightenment Café.

Before arriving at the awards ceremony, each guest was assigned to a group – ranging from Food to Industry. They were sent a list of relevant questions to consider before arriving, but told nothing else.

Everything was revealed on the night, when each guest became an ‘Agent of Change’ and helped to determine the outcome of a theatrical production based on messages from Climate Witnesses from the future. With Climate Emergency Bingo thrown in for good measure, it was a memorable and impactful opening to the night.

The show, ZΩH, will now tour the UK, helping to spread a message that has underlined the P.E.A. Awards for nine years: every individual has the power to make a difference.


2019’s P.E.A. Awards were held at Studio 338 on the Greenwich Peninsula, London and co-hosted by P.E.A. founder Jarvis Smith and biophilic design expert Oliver Heath. Guests at the green-carpet event had time to network with their green heroes over free-flowing drinks provided by Juniper Green Organic, Atlantic Distillery, Luscombe Organic, Equinox Kombucha and Deeside Water.

A two-course vegan meal was prepared by Amrutha Catering (Amrutha Lounge, Earlsfield) and a raffle saw guests lease a Jaguar I-PACE (from Octopus EV) and a Tesla (from Evision Electric Vehicle Hire). Plenty of My Green Pod goodies from ethical companies also went to good homes. All money raised from the raffle went to charity partner the World Land Trust.

The bespoke P.E.A. Award trophies were, for the third year running, created by the incredibly talented Katie Weiner. Katie creates jewellery and awards from upcycled materials, including single-use plastics destined for landfill, vintage gems, antique gold and everything in between.

For photos of the awards evening, please click here.

The Winners


ARTS, sponsored by MyGreenPod.com

  • Claire O’Neill, founder of A Greener Festival

BRITAIN’S GREENEST FAMILY, sponsored by Yeo Valley

  • Theresa Walton & Mary Strong, Sisters Against Plastic

ENERGY, sponsored by Octopus Energy

  • Ehab Sayed, founder of Biohm

FOOD, sponsored by P.E.A.

  • Lettus Grow (team)

GREEN PIONEER, sponsored by Weleda

  • Tabitha James Kraan, founder of TJK High Performance Organic Hair Care

HEALTH & WELLBEING, sponsored by Equinox Kombucha

  • Vivo Life (team)


  • David Gardiner, director of Evergreen Insurance Services

NATURE, sponsored by Iceland

  • Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters

PRODUCT, sponsored by myenergi

  • my Boo Bamboo Bikes (team)

TRAVEL, sponsored by Delphina Hotels & Resorts

  • Clear Ocean Pact (team), TOURISM AWARD
  • Victoria of Wight (team), TRAVELLING A TO B


  • Juliet Gellatley, founder of Viva!

Lifestyle Hero Awards went to Tony Juniper, Katie Hill and Polly Higgins.



  • Anshul Sinha, filmmaker
  • Conscious Beauty Union (team)
  • Timber Festival (team)


  • The Carnall Family (team)


  • Tech Takeback (team)


  • Community Supported Agriculture (team)


  • Elvis & Kresse (team)
  • Natalie Fee, founder of City to Sea


  • May East, Miombo Honey and Courage Chocolate


  • Shared Interest Society (team)


  • #OneLess campaign (team)


  • RAW Bottles (team)


  • Meters for Trees (team)
  • EVision Electric Vehicle Hire (team)


  • Rainforest Foods Bambeanis (team)

Photos From The Awards